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Harbin haze visibility less than 10 meters the city's primary and secondary schools to suspend classes
Release Time: 2015-8-27 17:09:47

CNR net Harbin on October 21 (Reporter Qiaoren Hui), according to Voice of China "News" reported this morning in Harbin occurrence of severe fog and haze, PM2.5 index continued to burst table, Harbin, the city's administrative department of education has been notified in Primary School closed, some bus lines to suspend operations or to increase grid spacing.

Today, around 7:30, the haze situation is particularly serious. Through rural reporters Harbin Xiangfang District into the village street intersection, visibility of the most severe cases has reached less than 10 meters, the adjacent buildings have been invisible, across the road situation is basically invisible, car and between the fog and we can only see the car lights flashing emergency line. At 10 meters or 15 meters of the location, only to hear voices across someone, but can not see people. Now a little bit better, a little sun may be a little high, but the reporter visual, it still amounted to about visibility less than 50 meters.

7 o'clock in the morning in Harbin administrative department of education issued a formal notice, the city's primary and secondary schools, kindergartens closed day, depending on the weather conditions tomorrow. Today, this province are probably severe haze of weather, including Jixi, Hegang, Qitaihe, Qiqihar, Daqing are varying degrees of fog and haze.

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