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1.The general manager remarks:
        Welcome you to become our member of the Guangzhou Weini manufacture specializes in nonwoven Textile Industrial, From now on, your growth is to construct with the development of company close contact together. And what’s more, the company offers great development opportunities to each staff to learn world-class software technology. In this space, you can show your knowledge, ability, and   good quality, to provide staff with a good working atmosphere and can fully display space and the stage, in order to quickly and better construction in the family. We are in garment, now it is necessary for the whole members joint efforts, I sincerely hope all of our members pursuit of the spirit of love and respect their jobs, pragmatic and discipline. Make your growth is to construct with the future of company close contact together. Team spirit is the core of enterprise culture. That is” From top to bottom with the wish to win”,the beautiful future it is hard for us to carve just depends only one person to .
2.Enterprise spirit
       As the old saying goes: “The day as location, terrain and better” ”Strive Constantly and magnanimity”. If there is a autonomy, the idealistic, collaborative team should undertake joint responsibilities and shared the common dedication, then there is an infinitely bright future. ahead of us. Chinese people touch and encourage each other with their heartfelt mental outlook, it tell us: Joint effect and Strive to open up, in a brilliant. If we are brave to dream, to have a firm self-confidence, owned our intelligence and industrious, With hope and virtue, let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come.
        The strategy innovation will let us have the initiative and in the right direction; The technology innovation will let us being young at heart; The management innovation will let us runs deep through our veins; And the cultural innovation to make the company endless. If the earth didn’t rotate, there will be no more sunrises, no days, no hours or minutes. The same rule applies here, if enterprise not innovation, we will have no good future to expect. The way that we take: pursuing brilliance, overstep the ego, never giving up, fly with the eagles.
Fine quality
        Fine quality is “high quality, high requirement, high standard”. Quality represents our esteem and morality. Our high quality products,  excellent service,  comes from the bottom of our heart and stems from pursuit of perfection. Quality is always the enterprise future battle field and eternal theme. All-round development of high-quality varieties and superior characters have the ability win the high-class products and services. Then the rewards that are reaped for both you and society will be even sweeter.
         The high quality of the product is our great honor, and the efficient work is our welfare, High efficiency means to actively and positively, and simply begin with the end in mind, accurate and rapid fast, and strive to quality first, reputation first. As a company: Obligation first; Work efficiency first; Updated knowledge to learn the innovation first. Today, this is really an era that requires speed and stresses efficiency, as crises and despair multiply a wave of hope is gathering momentum. Efficient let our company and personal leads the fashion of the world.
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